MTS Prime is an affiliated company of MTS Gold Co. Ltd., a renowned Bullion house in the ASEAN region. With more than 40 years of experience in the Bullion Markets, MTS Gold Co. was one of the pioneer members in Thailand. It is also the first member to Market Make TFEX gold futures in Thailand, and has memberships in various regional exchanges and Bullion Associations.

MTS PRIME is a leading FX and Derivative solutions provider. We have a strong suite of trading technology, systems infrastructure and application solutions services catering to institutional traders.

MTS PRIME endeavors to provide its clients access to global markets and robust liquidity in Foreign Exchange, Bullion and Global Derivatives.


  • 50 years experience in BULLION and FX market
  • Liquidity from major banks and Exchanges
  • Strong presence in Asia (including TH, SG, HK, CN)
  • 24-hour broker assisted dealing and execution services
  • Efficient front to back end process
  • Competitive advantage in FX, NDF, Bullion and Derivative pricing, coupled with a cutting edge e-trading platform
  • Accept Multi-currency accounts